Limited Edition Designs

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2 & 3.5 Gallon Tins

Celebrate Floral Friends Plaid Summertime Fun Winter Road
Floral Friends
Summertime Fun
Currier & Ives
Winter Road

2 & 3.5 Gallon Limited Edition 

1/2 & 1 Gallon Tins

   2 & 3.5 Gallon Limited Edition

Round Tins

   2 & 3.5 Gallon Limited Edition

Holiday Designs: All Season Designs:
Currier and Ives American Homestead 1S, 1C, 5C, OCT
Currier and Ives Winter Road 15S
Currier & Ives Winter Scene 3.5 Gallon-25T, 6.5 Gallon-50T
Classic Holly 1C, 5C, 2 Gallon-15S
Country Snowmen 1S, 2C, 3C
Fiddlestix Santa 1.5 Gallon-5S
Frosty 1S
Halloween Stamps 2 Gallon-15T
Night Time Santa 2 Gallon-15T, 3.5 Gallon-25T
Peace and Joy 1QT, Gallon-5S, 2 Gallon-15S
Reflective Holly 1S, 1C, 2C, 3C, 5C
Snow Friends 1 Gallon-8S
Victorian Santa Gallon-5S
Yuletide Guest 2 Gallon-15T

Sizes listed after the Design Name.
Click on the Name of the Design to see it.
Each Design is available in the Sizes listed, although only one Size is pictured.
See the Size List on our Home Page for Size Dimensions.

The 11th at Augusta Dogwood 1S
All Heart 3.5 Gallon-25T
America 1C
Bunny Basket 5S
Blue Swirls 1S
Celebrate 2 Gallon-15S
Cherished Hearts 2C, Gallon-5S, 1 Gallon-8S,
Daffodils 3C
Deer Ridge 3C
Golf 1S, 2C, 3C
Floral Friends 2 Gallon-15S
Nostalgic Sports 2 Gallon-15S, 3.5 Gallon-25T, 6.5 Gallon-50T
Memories 6.5 Gallon-50T
Nighttime Santa 2 Gallon-15T, 3.5 Gallon-25T, 6.5 Gallon-50T
On The Beach 1/2, 1 Gallon-8S
PF Bright Strip 3.5 Gallon-25T
Plaid 2 Gallon-15S
Red Bow 1C
Summer Lighthouse 1S, 2C
Summer Time Fun Gallon-5S, 1 Gallon-8S, 2 Gallon-15S, 3.5 Gallon-25T, 6.5 Gallon-50T
Tuscan Pear 1C, 3C, Gallon-5S, 1 Gallon-8S



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